July 29, 2020 3 min read

Attention, all ladies!

Summer, a.k.a. the best season ever for fashionistas, is just around the corner. And we know that your wardrobe needs to do a 360 flip, from all those stinky sweatsuits and lazy loungewear I know, we may be a little bit sad with the way this summer is turning out (Will we be able to skinny dip in Venice beach? Can we sip cocktails Alfresco at rooftop bars?), but ease your stress for we’ll make sure that your street styles will see the sunlight. So, lather your skin with SPF and tighten your ponytails! It’s time to embrace the sunshine and the wonderful style that comes with it. The ladies are out, and they will be smoking hot!

With more and more fashion trends emerging from Instagram and other celebrity influencers, you may get a little overwhelmed with your choices. See-through bra tops? Tabi shoes? Oversized jersey shirts? Minimalist tote bags? The thing is, these are mostly fads paid by companies to be hyped, but will die away soon enough.

So we’ve gathered the top five comfortable, low-price, and fool-proof street style essentials, to prepare you for the fashion fantasyland that is summer 2020.



Sweatpants — these relaxed-fit, stretchable bottoms are made from soft cotton to assure that you’re simultaneously comfy enough to roll in your bed and glammed-up enough to run your errands. Add to its wonder is the fact that these have a pair of large pockets to store AirPods and changes, so you can abandon altogether large snobby tote bags (finally!). They’re lightweight, airy, smooth on the skin, yet still rocking the trendy vibes.

Try these!

Love Women’s Sweatpants - $127.00 USD 

These minimalist sweats are versatile, you can pair it with almost anything! Upgrade the casual look by tucking-in a pastel sweatshirt or layering a denim jacket.

Inception Women’s Sweatpants - $127.00 USD

These cute pants feature a pastel color to spice up your look. Style it with a hoodie and colorful chunky sneakers for a fun girl ‘fit.



Farewell to oversized sweaters and hood jackets that make us sweat buckets. Sorry to basic crop tops that we’ve worn too many times — for cropped hoodie tops are totally crushing the fashion scene right now!

You may wonder, who the hell would want their arms covered and stomach exposed? I mean, do you want to keep your upper body warm or cool? But for some reason, cropped hoodies have Been sweeping every woman’s closet by a storm lately. Walking out on the streets and baring your navel is now embedded in the new cool-girl manual. It’s striking the right balance between keeping cool, protecting your skin, and dominating street fashion.

Try this!

Militia Crop Top $100.00 

This one-of-a-kind cropped hoodie can only be found here in VINCEREWEARS. Finish this look with high-waisted biker shorts (or literally any kind of jeans) and combat boots, and you’d look dope.



If you want to upgrade your looks by infusing history and culture, the kimono cardigan is the fit for you! You’ve seen them in beaches and music festivals, worn by the hip and laidback girls; you can now cop it for your own! Its breezy and soft cloth texture is designed for the heat. It also adds a bohemian vibe with its unique silhouette and dynamic design.

Kimono cardigans are a versatile clothing piece that goes with almost everything. It’s just like a lightweight scarf — but more intricate and covers better — which blends well with jeans and t-shirt ensemble or a crop-top and mini skirt pairing.

Try this!

Black Wave Kimono $99.00

This Kimono Cardigan donning Hokusai’s design is definitely a remarkable outfit when you’re off to the beach. Complete this outfit with a tank top, short shorts, and Birkenstock sandals to give off a laidback but chic aura.



Whether you want to feel sexy or just want to be cool, this bralette crop top is the way to go. Made from high-quality polyester, these stretchable tops will definitely reveal your slender or curvy figure. As a way of redefining undergarments, these pieces are devoid of underwire to ensure your comfort. No longer do girls have to sacrifice their comfort for style with athleisure street. It’s versatile, flattering, and breathable — the checklist trinity we are ticking off for this summer heat.

Try this!

Kesha Crop Top $100.00

The funky tie-dye color of this crop top is to die for, and you can only get this here in VINCERE WEARS. Wear these with biker shorts or high-waisted leggings and you’re ready to flaunt your style!



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